Thursday, 20 November 2014

pencil scarf

My take on the pencil scarf.

To achieve those neat lines, slip stitch in front loop only, then half dc in back loop, this can prove to be slightly tricky, it may help to go down a hook size.

 I made several of these scarves in childs school colours.  

lego inspired scarf

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

lego style stocking crochet

First block

Chain 28
Row 1  sc  28 across
Row 2  ch 3, dc, bobble (3 to 4  , dc x 2, bobble.... repeat to end
Row 3 ch 2, hdc across
Row 4 repeat row 2
Row 5  sc across

Change colour attach and repeat row one twice, and then continue row 3-5.

For a yellow row, single ,  row 1 twice , row 2, row 3, end

Foot, one block

White, attach, sc across twice, row 2

Leave a long thread with each colour change to sew..... but this project can also be done in the round x

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Knitting Cowls for Teachers

I'm busy knitting approximately 5 cowls- own pattern? yes own, but one that's possibly already out there.  I wanted something that would work up super quick.  So the largest needles came out, with 20 stitches and each row with drop stitches; of course to finish them up as quickly as possible.  And then a quick sewing up at the end. 

They are all gifts for the teachers/teacher assistants for my son's nursery.   I have two more to go! Yes!  I love them and I have one for myself; it's fairly light but when doubled quite warm enough (to not feel overheated) and comfortable. 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Thumper Hat


I'm likely never to write up a pattern for this one and I'm sure there are some great ones that are out there.   2nd trooper I crocheted.  I can't say he's my particular favourite to make - so much time!

Striped Bunny Hat

I love my melancholy bunny. <3

Own Pattern and design.