Sunday, 8 December 2013

Knitting Cowls for Teachers

I'm busy knitting approximately 5 cowls- own pattern? yes own, but one that's possibly already out there.  I wanted something that would work up super quick.  So the largest needles came out, with 20 stitches and each row with drop stitches; of course to finish them up as quickly as possible.  And then a quick sewing up at the end. 

They are all gifts for the teachers/teacher assistants for my son's nursery.   I have two more to go! Yes!  I love them and I have one for myself; it's fairly light but when doubled quite warm enough (to not feel overheated) and comfortable. 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Thumper Hat


I'm likely never to write up a pattern for this one and I'm sure there are some great ones that are out there.   2nd trooper I crocheted.  I can't say he's my particular favourite to make - so much time!

Striped Bunny Hat

I love my melancholy bunny. <3

Own Pattern and design. 

Red Puff Set

The bottoms came out too large ( I did redo them, but if you look at this photo and copy it it will be too big! ;-) ) - I have the pattern drafted somewhere.   The hat was based on @chocolatte's shell pixie hat.  I went with a puff stitch and worked out the width and length from her free pattern written for a newborn.  The bottoms are of my own design.

Boxer hat

Own Pattern and design.  Worked on over a year a go for a customer with a matching scarf.

Holly Hat

Own Pattern based on Holly's Kingdom

Holly Crochet Hat

Made last year for a customer.  Hair was a bit tricky.  I do wish I used a different yarn for the crown.