Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Broomstick Stitch

There are fabulous tutorials available on you tube showing how to work the Broomstick Stitch.  I learned it from The Crochet Greek- Teresa's video.  As I know how to knit as well,  I found getting the hand of holding the needle quite easy after a few goes.  She does recommend holding the needle in an upright position if struggling and I think that's quite a helpful suggestion.

Step One- Chain 37, sc 36
Lift each stitch to place onto knitting needle (I used a 15 mm) and 3.0 hook

Step Two- If at ease, release all the loops from needle.  I say at ease as it's really something you must not fear doing- I'm not concerned about losing my stitches and find this far easier than keeping it on the needle.  But you can also work this stitch on the needle.

Step Three, Four and Five  Loop your hook into six loops and attach.

Step Four: Continue looping through and attaching creating a sc (dc british terms).   A total of six.

You can work a group of 6, or 3, or multiples of four; It's really entirely up to you, the smaller the groups the smaller the stitch will look and vice versa.  

I worked a total of seven rows and another single crochet row prior to crocheting (alternatively, you can sew) together to make gloves.  I opted to crochet (sew) together 12 stitches, slip stitch  (or leave out) 10 and continue crocheting (sewing) the remaining stitches.