Monday, 25 February 2013

Fox Hat

This is my first written pattern, which has not been tested.  There is colour changing in this pattern; you may wish to refer to you tube if you're unsure how to work a colour change.

You are free to sell your Product from my pattern but selling of this pattern is prohibited.  If you would like to sell finished products produced from this pattern, please credit me as the pattern designer as follows:
Pattern by RoseAmis


4.5mm crochet hook
Aran in Red (100g)or Brown and Cream , DK Black (am sure aran would work as well)
Tape measure
Yarn needle
Buttons (optional)
Stitch Markers

Stitches Used: hdc, sc, ch, dec, slip stitch, picot

sl st=slip stitch
sc=single crochet
hdc=half double crochet
dec=single crochet 2 together (decrease)

Written in Adult size  (decrease amount of rounds for a smaller size hat; increase for larger)

4.5  hook
Work in the Round (no Joins) Use stitch marker, to mark last stitch as you work the round

Using Brown or Red yarn: (brown was used per customer request)
Round 1: Magic Ring; 9hdc
Round 2: 2hdc in ea st around (use marker)
Round 3: 1hdc,2hdc
Round 4: hdc,hdc, 2hdc into next two, repeat around
Round 5 hdc, hdc, hdc, 2hdc, repeat
Round 6: hdc in next four, 2hdc repeat around
Round 7:hdc in next five, 2hdc repeat around
Round 8: hdc in next six, 2hdc repeat around
Round 9-16 hdc in each stitch, Repeat around

(working on nose of fox)
Round 17: Continue half way around FRONT LOOP ONLY to start creating nose, ch1 turn crochet six, continue crocheting back and forth along (creating nose), with final row being a decrease on both ends (till your desired length)

Round 18-20 HDC in cream
Round 21 Continue around in cream till desired length

Sew bottom of nose (or create a button to attach), sc along the edge of the nose to smooth (in future I'm likely to do a hdc along top of nose on both sides)


Worked up in brown or your colour choice
Holding hat upside down,( fox face facing you)count approx 28 stitches from right (hooking left earflap)
Row 1: Slip stitch and attach yarn, Sc in same stitch and next 11 sts, ch 1, turn. 
Row 2: sc decrease on both ends as you continue along

 Fasten off.

2nd Earflap

Count 35 stitches from left earflap, attach yarn and repeat instructions for earflap.

Border, sc around earflap, (2sc in corners of earflaps) and hat for a neat finish.

EARS: (Make two) With cream chain five, turn,
Row 1: sc 4 along, ch and turn
Row 2: increase,sc, sc,increase; ch and turn
Row 3: sc across,  ch and turn
Row 4: dec, sc, sc,dc, ch and turn
Row 5: dec, dec, ch and turn
Row 6 dec  and fasten off

Single crochet evenly around top using contrasting colour (brown) (Sc twice in corners) Leave length of yarn from start to sew ears onto hat.

Eyes: Using black dk yarn and smaller hook 3.5 or 4.0 (Work two)

Round 1: Magic Circle, sc 7
Round 2: sc2 in ea - (10 sc's- halfway around picot- chain 2- hook onto chain, continue sc2, picot on other side; fasten off leaving enough yarn to sew with;

You can place buttons for eyes or use a bit of white yarn to stitch in.

Nose: Magic Circle, sc 7, long length of yarn to sew down and to continue working on nose and face.

Nose and whiskers: Embroider with black aran or dk yarn as pictured.

Hairs off to side: Attach yarn on sides; chain five, slip stitch back along, chain five slip stitch back along attach onto side.  Leave enough length to sew in ends.

All patterns are copyright protected. Rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying this pattern is prohibited. If you would like to sell finished products produced from this pattern, please credit me as the pattern designer as follows:

Pattern by RoseAmis

(Fox 2 in auburn merino wool- minus the hairs off to the side)


  1. I just found your pattern via a google search! Thank you so much for sharing! I have one question.. when you switch colors do you cut and reattach each row or do you leave long pieces hanging inside the hat.. just worked one up and have a lot of yarn inside the hat.. if I crochet over the yarn it shows through.. dilemma! haha... any suggestions?
    thanks again.. I hope to find more of your treasures!!

  2. Hi Cyndi, Not sure if you received my email, so shall reply here; just in case. I leave the yarn quite loose so that I can then cut in half and sew in long tails, when switching from a brown(or red) back to brown (or red). The middle nose - I gather a bit of extra brown after the first row and leave it in center to pick up and work through the rest of the nose. As I'm currently working on hat - I have taken a few photos and will post onto blog. I'm likely to make a few revisions as well. Hope this helps, any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! x

  3. Thank you! I haven't received your email.. or if I did it went to my spam. I'll go check!
    I'll send you a photo if the hat turns out .. even half as cute as your's!
    Thank you again!

  4. I'd love to see a photo! Working it up for the third time - I realize there's quite a bit of work involved, so I'm going to come up with a variation to pattern (after christmas time!) that doesn't involve so much sewing.